Water and light have always played a therapeutic, magical and miracle working role and are increasingly used for personal care and well-being. Thanks to Castaldi’s experience in outdoor lighting, translated into appliances that are resistant to the most hostile atmospheric agents, a new line of products dedicated to the most private areas of the home and wellness centres has been developed. Although the water and humidity of these environments make appealing lighting difficult to achieve, these can be offered discreetly and simply by the Aton line.

The Aton line can be floor, wall or ceiling mounted and come with a choice of two standard machined shapes and with white or blue LED light source to provide different styles and emotions with the play between light and dark. Customization of these designs and light sources are available upon request.

Fixture features:
• AISI 316 stainless steel trim satin finish
• tempered safety glass, mechanical and
thermal shock resistant
• corrosion resistant die-cast aluminum body
• powder coat painting after multi-layer
polyester pre-treatment for corrosion
• high impact resistant composite
technopolymer housing box
• AISI 304 stainless steel hardware
• silicone rubber gaskets
• pre-wired and tested with resin sealed
watertight H07RN-F cable (for a fast and
secure connection to the main power line,
use ACS/CR1 connector or similar)

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