Absolute Photometry




Senso has been growing steadily over the last 5 years and as part of their development they have created a state of the art testing facility within their factory. They are dedicated to supplying their customers with the most current and accurate information about their fixtures. With the development of their testing lab and the installation of a Goniophotometer, they are able to provide on-demand absolute photometry testing.
















When using the cutting edge Goniophotometer, the test fixture is mounted in its operating position while a CCD camera, photometer, and spectrometer move on two finely controlled axes around the luminaire.









Senso’s IES files are based on absolute photometry where all combinations of reflectors and lumen packages are tested in each specific fixture. These absolute photometry tests produce an exact “real-world” measurement and results in a more accurate lighting design for thier clients.









Senso believes it is important that their clients have the most current and accurate information about their fixtures. Senso prides itself in producing quality light backed by industry leading customer support. With their new facilities and testing capabilities they are able to accurately quantify the quality of their product as well as support their customers with on-demand testing services.




















To learn more visit the goniophotometer section on Senso’s webiste.

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