Considering Generations

Members of Generation Y, or “Millennials”, are becoming an increasingly significant workforce. Research says that Millennials are more likely to seek out open working environments and also known to like office space/retail spaces with notable design flair. For these reasons, it is important to consider how both ambient and accent lighting design may attract the mobile Millennial to increase your brand capital in their eyes in the case of retail or to foster a environment of collaboration when lighting up office spaces.

While playing to the taste of Millennials, we do not forget the older generations. One requirement which may arise is the need for installation of LED lighting, which goes beyond energy efficiency to provide a clean, uniformly distributed, pleasing white light. There is also likely to be a need for more comprehensive, layered lighting design that accounts for ambient, accent and task lighting to deliver illumination levels that create maximum comfort and desirable aesthetics appropriate to the location.

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