Christmas Lighting: Make A Lasting Statement

We are well into the Christmas period, and while many homes are lit up with an array of colour, from traditional fairy lights to laser projectors, some of us are still deciding how to make the best of our homes during the festive season.

Without any doubt, the most striking and bold designs at Christmas come from lighting. Whether it is the warm glow of a candle or the magical displays from LED installations. We all know light can change the feel of any home. So this year, why not invest in a statement piece which will work with your home all year round, then take center stage throughout December.

When it comes to decorating you need to take into consideration your current interior. Modern homes can take on a variety of themes. However, if you have bold colour schemes, you need to ensure your festive display harmonises with the rest of the house. The Spruce published this brilliant guide on Christmas Decorating.

Creating a centerpiece for your Christmas that brings the same magic to your home throughout the year doesn’t need to be complicated.

There are a variety of choices for those on a budget. Using clear fairy lights in large clear vases to illuminate the center of your table. White LED lights can be a little bright for year-round use. Opt for a warm white, something which can help lighten corners of your room when Christmas is over.

For homes with a more substantial budget, there is only one choice. The revival of the chandelier.

Classic Chandeliers evoke a feeling of wealth and class, originating from the medieval ages they were common amongst the aristocracy and could be seen, pride of place, in grand halls, palaces, and stately homes. Just like the magnificent fireplaces of the same era, they are a central piece, something to be admired and desired.

Modern life has moved on and so too has the chandelier. The incandescent light bulb replaced the candle; the LED replaced the Fluorescent lamp. Hanging crystal prisms were used to illuminate rooms with refracted light, modern chandeliers can assume a more minimalist design. Interior designers usually mix traditional ideas with new technology to create stunning displays.

Used as a centerpiece in a minimalist home, a chandelier will add drama. Either through it’s elaborate shaping, colour or light displacement.

Angel Falls Suspension 36 Angels by Terzani presented by LightForm

In the hallway it will welcome your guests with warmth, creating a bold introduction to your home.

Botti Suspension Chandelier by Delightfull presented by LightForm

Hung in a bedroom it will offer your guests a luxurious nights stay.

Atlantis Suspension 3 Tier by Terzani presented by LightForm

For Christmas, a chandelier comes into its own. Allowing you to tone down the rest of your decorations. Imagine a beautifully dressed dining table, with a traditional crisp white tablecloth, red table runner and the glory of a large, ornate chandelier dancing just above the center of your guests.

Lightology has an excellent guide to choosing a chandelier, from shapes, sizes, and colour to positioning and upgrading your current lighting.

Ignore the Christmas themed lighting trends and invest in light solutions that will work with your home throughout the year.

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